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Wholesale homes for sale: How to get started.

Wholesale homes for sale! Zillo is offering these wholesale homes for sale, and we are available for you to speak with directly. Please call or text 813 330 6801 to speak with a live Florida Realtor and wholesale homes for sale expert. Or you can email us @ info@zillowholesalehomes.com.

Wholesale homes for sale: how to make an offer.

To make an offer on a wholesale home for sale, you must contact us directly and have the following ready so we can make the offer for you.

To buy wholesale properties, you will need the following:

  1. Proof of funds or approval letter from your mortgage broker.
  2. The ability to sign a contract and deliver a deposit to a title company the same day you make the offer.
  3. You must be able to close and do what you said you would do on the contracts.

When there is a meeting of the minds, and you strike a deal, we will guide you through the process and simplify the experience.

Wholesale homes for sale: who pays us?

As you make offers on wholesale homes for sale, in most cases, you will not pay us anything. We are Florida Licensed Realtors and will take our commission instead of a flip fee on most deals.

Have any Questions?

 Florida Call us: (813) 330 6801 | 1816 E Columbus Drive Unit “A” Tampa FL 33605 info@zillowholesalehomes.com

I wish you & your loved ones happiness & good fortune for eternity.

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